Ray is not a princess (seolearo) wrote,
Ray is not a princess

Here is that list of stuff I mentioned yesterday

If there's anything you guys would like me to send you/want pictures of, just tell me and I will get on it!

And yes, there are lots of dolphins. I had a stuffed dolphin when I was a baby and the distant family discovered this and decided that everything they sent me for over ten years needs to have dolphins.
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Pics of the boots. I will fight for them.

Also, I'd like that Learn Calligraphy book!
/prepares to duel (I asked first, but it was on plurk)
I'm mostly kidding. You can have them if you'd like them. XD
Ehh, after looking at the picture, I'm not too excited about them. Think I'll pass.

Still want that calligraphy book, though.
Did you ever decide on if you wanted the boots or not, Tri...? I can't recall.
I don't think I do, but thanks. *hugs*
Got a picture up there with a kitty inspecting them for you guys. You can decide amongst yourselves who gets them.

/sets book aside